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‘‘We will now welcome all investment, including foreign capital, from anyone, anywhere. The only thing we will insist are that the projects are environment-friendly, and non-exploitative,’’ link

Any guesses for who made this statement? It is the minister of industries in the new Kerela government which is supposedly headed by a Communist hardliner. And what does this gentleman who is an old CITU hand say about labor reforms? Continue Reading →

Indian Voter

My labeling of Indian voter as stupid,parochial and bigoted has attracted a fair bit of criticism. Some fair, other rather unfair. Obviously, only I will decide whats fair and not fair, which isn’t very fair but…heh!The first point is that it is a gross generalization, how can I call all Indian voters stupid….I see the point. I mean, some voters might only be stupid, others parochial, a third category might be of the bigoted. How can I club them all together? Okay, this was me trying to be cute here. This is what goes for humor on this blog… Continue Reading →

Whose Government?

The government has finally(whew!) increased the petroleum prices. Finally a sane decision considering international oil prices are touching 70$ a gallon and the present prices were completely unsustainable.Now, this gives every party an opportunity to jump on the ”aam aadmi bandwagon.” So BJP which is recovering from the drug-induced stupor will launch a nation wide agitation. Continue Reading →


The reservation issue refuses to fade away though the media currently seems obsessed with Rahul Mahajan..First, Karan Thapar here tells us about Rajiv’s greatest speech, which he made in our Parliament after Mandal 1 was proposed by V.P Singh..

…To begin with, Mr. Gandhi pointed out that the three important sociologists involved with the Mandal Commission — Professors Roy Burman, Srinivas and Jogendra Singh — who were thanked in the report for the work they had allegedly done, declined the honour..

This blog has always held the view that the Mandal report is unreliable, a little vindication is always gratifying Continue Reading →

Women in Indian Politics

Among many other reasons, the latest Assembly elections were interesting was for the number of women stakeholders. There was Sonia Gandhi in Rai Bareili using the tried and tested renunciation weapon; Mamta Bannerjee in West Bengal trying to storm the Left bastion; and the one and only Amma in TamilNadu fighting a rearguard battle to save her fiefdom from Karunanadhi. The results are out and all but Sonia have fallen by the way side. No surprises there, really. Now, broadly speaking, women in Indian politics can be divided into two groups: Continue Reading →

A vote for Bengal but

Greatbong has an interesting post analysing the reasons for the continued Communist grip on West Bengal. By all accounts, Communists are coming back to power with an even more thumping majority. While I broadly agree with his reasoning, a few caveats would be in order. Continue Reading →

Eh? What?

Trust the Indian government to come up with such gems.Outlook reportsIn an unprecedented move against noted painter M F Hussain, the Union Home Ministry has asked the police in Delhi and Mumbai to take “appropriate” action against him with regard to his “objectionable” paintings of Hindu deities contending it had the potential to hurt people’s sentiments”Eh? What? Is this the government response to this? Should solve all problems, no?Accepted, Hussain is perhaps overrated as an artist, also with increasing age, he is given to antics which leave the more (in)sane of us staring in disbelief.But seriously, what happened to the freedom of speech? Artistic freedom of expression? How long is it is going to be held hostage to loonies who in most cases just have a political agenda to grind? And frankly, why are we so fast of the block to assuage anyone whose religious feelings is hurt. Lest anyone forget, we were the first to ban Satanic verses. But then we share more in common with Iran than er..commonly thought.BBC reports. And where does this culture of intolerance leads to? Another BBC report.So what explains the government alacrity in taking action against Hussain? Pretty simple, a government which did not have the guts to speak against the idiot who offered 51 crores for the Dutch cartonist’s head loses its moral authority to counter when the loony right from the other side demands it pound of flesh.So, take the easy way out. Acquiesce to every religious loony out there.Pah! Secular bigots!As for me I say! If something offends you, don’t look at it yaar.My previous piece on hate speech here.

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