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Grow Up India!

Edward Luce, former South Asian Bureau chief Of Financial Times has some very sane advice for India,

As I have written in another context (about India’s textile policies), countries are in many ways like personalities. Things that happen to them in their formative years tend to shape their decisions and character long after those events have lost their context.

In the same way that Gandhi’s spinning wheel damaged India’s post-colonial economy long after it had served effect on the British, so India’s tendency to dwell on imagined slights to its sovereignty could inhibit its ability to emerge as a powerful actor on the world stage.

Whatever threats the world faces over the next few decades—whether from climate change, the spread of weapons of mass destruction, the scramble for diminishing resources, or the potential threat of an expansionist China—can only be solved by building a strong system of multilateralism.

That means pooling a degree of sovereignty—diluting it to gain effectiveness on a larger scale. It entails recognising that the traditional legalistic definition of sovereignty should give way to a more sophisticated understanding of power in a frighteningly interdependent world.[link]

The Indian tendency to view every small incident as a slight and challenge to its nationalism is a real road-block to India’s future as a world power. Yes, colonialism damaged India but without forgetting the past, she can and must embrace the future.

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