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More On reservations

Arun Shourie has never been the one to take it lying down, he always speaks his mind with clarity and a courage of conviction which stands out. From the Shahbano case to illegal immigiration from Bangladesh, he has shown the courage to take politically incorrect views. His recent interviewwith Karan Thapar was quite an interesting […]

The Reservations Debate-Part 3

(Link via Abi)Satish DeshPandey and Yogendra Yadava have come up with an alternative proposal to Mandal2 which is more like an affirmative action plan rather than the pure caste based reservations Arjun Singh is hell-bent on introducing. No, and I refuse to call it a government of India proposal.From Hindu.Part 1 and part 2Basically, the […]

The Reservation Debate-Part 2

Before we start, let us clarify that we place institutes like IITs, IIMs, IISc, AIIMS on a higher pedestal than the rest of the higher education system. Why? We refer to Hindu’s editorial- Affirmative action and reservations do involve a lowering of the bar in the admissions process, and there are certain areas such as […]

Vox Populi

Why the BJP didn’t oppose the food security bill.  The Affordable care Act (ACA) or ‘Obamacare’ was signed into law in 2010 by President Barack Obama in the face of almost universal Republican opposition. The Republican Party argued that ACA was ‘socialized Medicine’ and was an entitlement the US simply couldn’t afford in an era […]

Blood on Their Hands

The false prophets of social justice are responsible for the mayhem in Rajasthan In his latest column in the Indian Express, Pratap Bhanu Mehta opines that solving the Gurjjar crisis in Rajasthan would require a lot of ”political imagination.” But where is the space for political maneuvering? The Vasundhara Raje government is caught in a bind […]

The Rajasthan Caste Cauldron

  The crisis in Rajasthan shows no signs of improvement. Further violence has been reported: police stations burned down, and court buildings razed to the ground. While both state and the center have rushed additional forces to ground zero, police are clearly operating under strict instructions not to engage the protesters. With a bandh call […]

Understanding The U.P Election Results

In a two part article in the Indian Express noted psephologist, Yogendra Yadav analyses the U.P election results. In the first part he explains why the exit polls failed to predict a majority for Mayawati while in the second part he makes the case that the results reflect a vote by the downtrodden. Nor is […]

Politics In The Hindi Heartland-3

B.J.P and Congress must offer a new vision. In his column in the Indian Express, Bibek Debroy points towards U.P’s gloomy future, To dramatise what is happening in India regionally, consider a scenario. India continues to grow at 8 per cent till 2020 and this growth is apportioned among states in the ratio that it […]

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